March 15th, 2011

1. What have you been up to since the Gshift video has finally dropped after what seems like ages in the making?

Man the camera has been OFF, haha.  I’ve been busy with other types of media lately, web design, illustration, a lot of font and logo work.  I spent some time helping my mom start her new business “Urban Store,” a retail store for sustainable living.  It’s rad.  I’ve also been pretty on top of my diet and excercise lately, you youngsters need to pay attention to your health! haha.  But you know I get out there and shake a leg here and there when it’s party time.

2. Any plans for a future video?

Hmmm, I plan to continue working with video, although for a new full length project…something would have to really strike my fancy.  And thats a fancy, fancy.

3. Top 5 things you miss about living in Burque.

Well obviously Mexican babes.  I’d have to say monster trucks, my dudes, green chili burrito’s, and fam.  What up!

4. Top 5 for living in la playa

Well I’d have to start with North Beach being the best neighborhood, in the best city, in the best (I’m gonna skip state and country) world haha.  This is where all the 49ers came to find gold and party, and thats exactly what I’m here to do.

5. What and where you would like to see one love in the next year.

I’m picturing a new clothing line geared toward the “gentelman irie” haha.  Naw but seriously I’m expecting dope graphics, gear, skateboard, artist, music, collabo type stuff.  Smoke ganja and burn down Babylon, you know.

6. Where the fuck is Alex Bland?

Al Baby is somewhere near Portlandia.  He came to town a while back, I saw him walking down the street with those cold, demon eyes.  The kind where you can see that the person is too drunk to really see you properly, and you mix that with fire and anger, and no food.  I love Alex though, just don’t ask him why he hasn’t been skating or you will probably get choked out or power slammed.

7. Best memory of living on Jackson street? ( mine would have to be when fernando flipped out on the Gaylords downstairs who were having a dance party and stealing his money. Flying Fernando down the stairs!)

Haha, that was a great one.  It was really nice of Naan-n-Curry to put that outside seating on our porch so we could monitor all of that activity.  How about the time we discovered the my man Wages had built a secret fortress under the table in the living room, covered it with trash, and made a little bed to take babes.  We didn’t even notice for weeks  There’s also something to be said for a 2 year old asian baby walking passed your room during a 2am dance party and dissappear.

8. Favorite spot to find babes

I’m not really looking..but I always look .  I was actually talking to Wussler the other day about this.  I’m claiming North Beach Trader Joes, he’s claiming the Marina Safeway. I like to strut around in there, it’s kind of like saying, “hey, look at me, I’m responsible, i’m shopping at a store that isn’t the corner store.”

9. Best food in SF?

Mama’s in the morning, Il Pollaio for lunch, Monkey Bar for dinner, and Za Pizza for on the way to the bar snack.  I also eat macaroni and cheese about 6 nights a week.

10. Best skate spot?

The library is pretty much my favorite nearby.  It caters well to the low impact days haha.  But I’m having fun skating pretty much anywhere downtown, if you’re not searching, you’re not finding.

-Anything else you wanna add?

Thanks to Bartles, Lucky, and Sean.  One Love!  Lez do er.  Thanks to Ando and FTC for all of the help with vid stuff.  Thanks to Meghan Mitchell for planning the awesome premier. Thanks to Andrew Ching for snapping photos. Thanks to all the top notch dudes that got down on the video, get yours!  Let the world know, just like the Giants did last year.  Orale, catch yall in Jamaica.  One Love!!!