Willie Hoag interviews NinjaSonik

May 11th, 2011

Ninjasonik is a musical group, they are also a drinking party with a lot of babes.

Years ago when I met Jah Jah he had all of the initial prerequisites of a rock star. Years later when I noticed helpless woman dying in the streets that walked by him I realized that he is a rock star. Telli has the same effect at all of their shows, drink hard, go hard, and give the people a performance that results in some of the most ridiculous crowd dancing I have ever seen. People really do lose it.

The first thing Jah ever said to me was “who is the Sparks drinker?!?!” Which directly resulted in one of the most terrible Sparks-offs in history. Nowadays Sparks has won the battle over my stomach and I can’t touch ‘em. Not the same for Jah, and not the same for Ninjasonik and their music. They have stuck to their guns battling the pop and culture mainstream from day one. In fact, if you are one of those corny types, just pray they don’t make a song about you. They describe their music as a mix of punk, hip hop, and pop I believe, and they are about the only group around that successfully pulls it off. It’s hard to sell out when you are the group people are selling out to be like…it’s way more than tight pants and art school girls.-Willie Hoag