Zach Seher
United States

Zach Seher

Zach Seher

Name: Zachariah Ho-Seher

From: San Francisco

At: San Francisco

Best Spot: The Island

Warm up Trick: Nollie Flip

What’s in the ipod: Thizzler On The Roof BAY REPORT, Alton Ellis, Martha and The Vandellas, Sampleeious, Willie Hutch, and sooo much more

Who Rips: Everyone these days be killin it! All the young bucks, OG’s, and lurkers.

Spare Time: Lurkin at the Island, Art styles, 21 yr. old lyfestyle choices, Latenightonahype

Fave Video Part: Adrian Williams- Bussiness as Usual, Russ Milligan- Green Apple

Late Night Snack: Gallon of Ice cream

Shout-Outs: Thanks you for all the support! One Love Skateboards, Willie, Larry, Adrian, Seancho, Vlad, Carl Maine, Kyle Cotchett, FTC, DLX, ISLANDMOBB, and everyone skating in the streets keeping the passion stoked. Keep eyes open for my little brother Zeph Seher, youngin on the come up.