June 6th, 2011

Hows life in Germany? It is boring and fucking cold in Germany but we have a good beer.

Give us an idea of what a daily routine for lex is– okay 5 days a week i wake up drink a lot of coffee and smoke some cigarettes and go to work after work i go (if the weather is nice) skate skate skate.at the weekend- Party and skateboarding …

When did you start riding for one love? and how? 2008 , i found or Onelove found me on MySpace.Bart and i talked about skateboarding and girls.i sent him some pictures and vids and Bart sent me some onelove stuff.a Couple weeks later Bart asked me what is your dream .my dream was to go skate in the USA .Bart said your dream will come true visit onelove in sf hell yeah.in the Summer 08 i was for 19 days in sf .fuck that was the best time/trip ever.

You haven’t been back to the states in sometime, whens the next trip out? ASAP – i hope 2012

Best spot to skate in San Francisco? 3rd and Army, Fort Miley

Who are you riding for these days? Onelove Skateboards, Airwalk shoes, Inpeddo clothing

Are there hot babes in germany? and the important question is, do they like Americans? haha Bart asked me the same question-same answer- Yes we have hot babes there and they like Americans haha.

Favorite American food? Hmm i dont know- burritos and weed LOL

What do you want to see from Onelove in the next year? Onelove boards and onelove shirts with the growing like crack in the 80s print . A tour with onelove through sf or Japan. Ok Japan is right now a fail.and the onelove family must visit me in germany ASAP .

Any shout outs? Holy thanks and Peace to Bart Fuller,Lucky, Sean, Jimbo and Sam for the best time in SF. Big Greetings to Mad Mike, John (steckin reinhardt) dichtl, El capone madre alias marderschaden, Jonas sp├Ądofil, Andi k, Martin, Dino ,Tina .