Chris Micro – Sucka Free

August 6th, 2013

What’s up Chris, tell me about yourself:

I never know how to answer this question. My name is Chris. Chris Micro for the art life…Chris de Leon IRL (although some dude doing art in the City has the same name as me. #gofigure). I got the Micro from Scot Thompson when we used to rhyme together. I like to skate ledges with my friends and lurk hard like Cutty Ian.


Give me some history as to your upbringing and introduction to skateboarding and art:

Born and raised in San Francisco, up and down the Mission District, the usual urban upbringing clichés: broken home, broken family, divorced parents, kicked out of Catholic school,  high school drop-out, streets taught me much, EMB taught me more. . I did wind up at City College (of San Francisco) somehow and took every art class I could get my hands on (s/o Mr. Rodriguez), As for skating, my first board was a Valterra King Cobra. piece of shit but I learned on it. Skated in the ‘hood with a lot of homies who I still skate with til this day, GMAN, FJ even Abner. Lil’ ass Chico Brenes was on the block too, them GP jump ramp days. Then we all wound up at Embarcadero and hanging out there. At first it was all City Boy Shred down there but they let us chill and lurk and skate and Froggy didn’t beat us up. That was my high school, spending every damn day at those bricks. People always see the spot in videos, bullshit like that, but reals know what’s up. We were hated…and hated on. Fools used to hate coming down there. “Why y’all skate here all day?” Fuck that. That was our set. Like how the Island Mobb hold shit down now,..and Pier 7 and Civic Center…we set that shit off. #thegameistobesoldnottold


Can we get an EMB story:

Aw shit…uhm. One time Rion threw Henry into the fountain cuz he was bitching too much about not being able to land a trick. LOL Oh this one time we were frying on acid and P-Double (Chef Pierre) was sitting on top of the C-Block frying on three hits yelled out “I’m on fire” and ran straight to the fountain and jumped in with all his clothes. Haha. I got pushed into the fountain once by Karita and wound up giving her a DDT on the tiles. Shit, that’s three fountain stories. T-Dogs would get thrown in all the time…or we’d jump in when they’d empty it and fish for change…buying hella 40s with wet quarters. #trashlife!

 What’s your main focus in the art you do, what kind of message are you sending the world?

Hmm…Right now, creatively I feel the freest I’ve ever been making #basedart. When I was doing I used to do a lot of canvases with the same style trying to lock in a image or niche but I was really creating a box for myself. Ever since this trash resurgence I’ve stopped limiting myself to any one thing, whether medium or subject matter. Make shit go with what you got. I make shit go with nothing, like thrown-away scraps from SCRAPSF. Imagine if I had the ends to go with the means…The message is simple. Don’t trip off what I’m making but trip off how I’m making it. How I’m making it go. Pick up on shit like that from all walks of life, not just art, #gamerecognizegame type shit. From Too Short’s out the trunk grind to Nick’s endless hustle with Diamond Supply Co. to #Rare #Secrete social media knowledge and endless #basedness from Lil’ B #TYBG, etc. Recognize that game and make it work for your hustle, your grind, your art. Your passion.


Who are some artists you look up to:

I don’t look up to too many folks but my influences are hella. Definitely influenced by the struggle and the struggling starving artist since I’m there. still. Frida, Diego Rivera, Picasso, Warhol, Richard Kern, Sam Flores, Evan Hecox, Twist, Brad Staba, F50, Blurm, Keeping Hood Yours! stoked on seeing Oracle sad faces right now too. Lots of influences bits and pieces that I’m stoked on influence my grind…trees influence my subject matter. Oh yeah and I’m stoked Freedumb is back! All about random shit!
Tell me about Trashlife:


Ever since EMB I’ve been trash. We all were trash. I’ve been trying to keep that shit alive first with the old EMB websites (emb4life & emb4ever) then when my broke ass lost those dotcoms I was doing the Random Acts of Cole vids which progressed to making the trashzine (1 issue, 1 dope ass party back in 2011…issue 2 coming soon). Just keeping that trash legacy going that I learned from James Kelch, Jake Vogel, Shelby Woods and all my EMBrethren. The trashy side of skateboarding.

(From Larry)  How hammert was you on the first Trashed Tour?

Y’all don’t even know how mainy this Trash Tour was. Fourth of July 2010 it was me #weoutheregeneral Larry Redmon and #stoopsgod Stephen Serrano just decided for no reason to drive down to San Luis Obispo (The SLO) and party with Young Cole. Fools drove three hours or so and wound up being on a two week bender. Without a dollar between me and L-Train we made shit go with Cole and Stephen’s dime blowing janky trees, skittles, absinthe, a trip to the Girl warehouse and made it back for Scot’s wedding. So last minute. Shout out to Big Red and Opie. Shout out to Frisco Cole’s tattoo.


Trashlife 2013, what are you up to, what have you been a part of recently:

Going crazy. Still trying to make it happen while my world dissolves around me. Been active tho’ doing a bunch of art shows at Chopsticks UAS over in Oakland. The Asylum first Friday show was a sick one! 30 artist took over an office building with 30 rooms, live band, DJ, go-go dancers were late, hella fools bombed the front of the building lol tags all over and the boys shut it down around midnight…I missed all that passed out in the car down the street lol #trashlife. Oh yeah, Ive been hand printing tees but without a studio or even my own room shit’s rough…so its lots of street art for now. Maybe this’ll jump more shit off for 2014.

Who’s good at riding skateboards:

I don’t know. I’m not up on who’s who. Saw Buzenitz kill DMV one night, lil John doing switch flips over them island benches #whatthefuck? L-Train has to be the smoothest skater I’ve seen since Jovantae or Karl Watson. My boy Jon Constantino gets me hype to skate, even after all these years. He keeps pushing and keeps pushing me (#kickthecan old man video coming soon…aka #oldenstateofmind)

When will the world end:



Give some advice for young artists creating an image for themselves nowadays:

Two words from Pigeon John…Be Yourself. You can pick up on style, technique, game, etc but when it comes down to it, make that shit work for you. Find your own niche, make your own mark. Learn from your mistakes and keep it moving. Find a way to make it happen. Do you is so cliche cuz everyone does the same ass shit. You gotta lose something to find it. I lost my mind and found myself. We’ll see if I make it. Oh one last quote from Empire Records “I do not regret the things I’ve done but those I did not do” -Lucas. You’ll never know if you don’t try. Nothing will change doing the same ass shit everyday.

Where can your art be seen, how do we find you online:

Speaking of losing dotcoms I lost another one so for now people can find me @chrismicro on IG, Tumblr and Etsy. @trashywarhol on twitter but I gotta step my twitter game back up. Done fell off (shoutout #coffeecrew!). IRL I got some art up at Mission Skateboards and random wares for sale and I’ve been doing live art with TophOne (Team Winos) Vintage Fridays happy hour, but that’s mostly sitting around drinking and making slaps with FemOne.


#thankyou! #TYBG. #thankyous to my EMB fam FJ, GMAN, AB, Ben Medina, Belch, Puppet, Smyth, ShelBlack, Weasel, Dunn, Little Nation, FEMONE (#thankyoukitty) Karl, Cheeks, Sketch, fuck too many to name…stay infamous! #YEAHSKID Fuck that documentary, shit stays on the streets! Miss you Kelch! Come back home to The City. #thankyou Island Mobb!!! Jason Wussler, LTRAIN, Willie, RD, Conan, BK, Yoshi and the OBM, yung Gio, Little John, Young Kevin, Nando and Vlad, all them dudes. Holding shit down and keeping it going. We was the same way… skaters, taggers, drunks, fuck-ups and hoodlums all from different parts of the City all meeting up downtown and fucking shit up where ever we go. I’m proud of all y’all! #thankyou SloatSt: Rob Carter, Stephen Serrano, Lorena Reyna, Dylan, Nick Upstairs and ZigZag!!! #thankyou Mission Skateboards. Scottie’s still my dude! Congrats on the beautiful fam. Obligatory thankyous to Kent & FTC, Matt and them dudes at DLX, Magnethead and Lowcard #staylame!! Them dudes at ChopsticksUAS, NiteOwl, Reggie Warlock, Basic Lee, Ondr, Filth Grime, Dirty Designs shit I can keep going. Fuck5-0! BLURM BLAME189 KHY DGT #BenjiLow Dirty Pigeon #hashtagmobb #hashtaggang…all the OG writers who are having a resurgence ICP TMF BVD THK IBC homies. Crazy how these people you run with back in the days become life long friends. Its like an urban Stand By Me. #thankyou

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